Pigeon Mag Mag Spout Cup(Orange)


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Brand Pigeon
Country Of Origin India
Model No. 15732
Country Of Origin India

Mag Mag Spout Cup Step 2 (for 5 months and up) - Orange

Baby's drinking style changes rapidly as he grows and develops his oral skills.

It is important to provide him with a comfortable and smooth transition from breastfeeding to eventually drinking with a straw independently.

Mag Mag Training Cup System is designed to facilitate and enhance the development of baby's drinking skills by allowing a smooth transition from nipple to straw with its interchangeable drinking tops.

Mag Mag All-in-One Set is a training cup that comes complete with all the 3 interchangeable tops for ease of training

Step 2 - Spout Top

Move on to spout as your baby accustoms himself to drink from different shape other than nipple.

Soft and flexible silicone spout (Cross-cut) allows quantity of liquid flow to be adjusted by baby's drinking manners

Hood touches the spout prevents liquid from dripping out

Angled handles for easy drinking

Allows step-up to Straw Cup (Step 3) by changing the cup top.

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