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Brand Orapple
Country Of Origin China
Model No. ORMLSMC1
Country Of Origin China

Do you know a musical toy with a lot of learning for a baby? R For Rabbit Orapple brings to you 5 in 1 musical learning station a toy with lot of learning and skill development in it. It’s a toy for kids with Montessori learning techniques to engage the child is playing on his own and enjoy the musical time. Musical learning station toy has xylophone, musical drum and piano with Whack A Mole Game for kids which will improve the child’s hand-eye coordination. A child can learn about numbers and different colors and animal recognition. This toy also has inbuilt music and songs in which the child can play with the beat of a stick-on drum/drum pad. The 8 keys have 5 modes in which it can be played as piano, solmization, trumpet, guitar & color.  Xylophone can be played in 4 different modes as Glockenspiel mode, xylophone mode, animal mode and number mode.

Key Features:

• Age:  10 Months Plus

• Safety 1st: Orapple Learning Station for kids is Safety Certified toy with EN71 and BIS 1493 under which colors on the toy are examined and tested properly for its chemical composition and content.

• Montessori Technique: Orapple Toys are made based on the Montessori technique which is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play.  

• Musical Learning: Children can explore the world of music with Xylophone, drum & piano keys. Xylophone can be played in 4 different modes; piano keys can be played in 5 different modes. They toy also has inbuilt music and songs which can be enjoyed by the child.

• Whack-A-Mole Game: Children can play Whack A Mole game by striking by hitting the drum pads as they glow. It will help in improving Hand -Eye Coordination. 

• Color Recognition:  Piano keys have color mode, on pressing the colorful key it will speak its color which will help a child in recognizing it.

• Animal Recognition: Xylophone has animal mode and xylophone has animals on it, on striking the xylophone plate it will speak the animal name on the corresponding key.

• Motor Skills: Playing drum, xylophone and Whack A Mole game will help improve motor skills.

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