Mee Mee Soft Nipple Baby Pacifier with Protective Cover


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Brand Mee Mee
Country Of Origin India
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Country Of Origin India

Mee Mee Soft Nipple Baby Pacifier is ideal for your baby’s oral stimulation and to help in overall oral development. The pacifier gently soothes the baby and keeps him/her happily distracted between feedings. It also comforts the baby when he/she is feeling irritable, is unable to fall asleep or is feeling uneasy while travelling.


• Made from 100% food grade, soft BPA free silicone that is non-toxic and tasteless.

• Natural feel with soft elasticity like that of the mother’s nipple making it easier for baby to latch on.

• Natural feel nipple which mimics the mother's nipple and prevents confusion.

• Aids overall oral development by balancing pressure equally against baby’s palate and supports natural movement and positioning of baby’s tongue.

• Protective cover provided to protect against germs, harmful bacteria and humidity. Easy to clean, sterilize and store. Travel-friendly.


• Care - It is essential that you sterilize the pacifier and the protective cover before and after every use. You can wash them thoroughly in clean boiled water and allow them to dry before using them again. Make sure that the pacifier is free of excess moisture before placing it in your bay’s mouth.

• Contents - 2pcs

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