Mee Mee Micro Electric Breast Pump


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Brand Mee Mee
Country Of Origin India
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Country Of Origin India

A mother's milk is nature's way of showing the innate and unique bond a mom shares with her little one. Made with the latest technology, Mee Mee Micro Breast Pump helps you to express milk faster and in a convenient manner.

A premium product, the electric breast pump helps you conveniently and safely nurture your baby with breast milk on time. With technology that mirrors your baby's natural nursing rhythm, it feels almost as intuitive as having your baby in your arms while countering issues such as inverted nipples, breast swelling, improper sucking or urgent commitments. Certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) & ISI, this pump is sure to make your journey into motherhood a little bit easier.


• Adapts to your needs - Adjustable vacuum and suction speed of up to 9 levels helps you choose what you are most comfortable with.

• Dual mode of pumping - Dual-mode design lets the pump massage your breasts to simulate lactagogue and thus produce milk.

• All the safety, none of the BPA - All parts are made of BPA free, soft silicone and polypropylene plastic which are non-toxic in every way.

• Internationally certified - The breast pump is internationally certified by EN 55, EN 60, and IEC 60 to ensure a safe and hazard-free experience.

• Maximum comfort for you - It has a soft breast shield, which can be stretched around the areola for a grip that is perfect without hurting your breast.

• Silent Pumping -  Noiseless technicality of the equipment makes it convenient for  discreet pumping. 

• Large benefits, small weight - Lightweight, portable and easy to clean and carry whether on your daily commute or a long holiday.


• Care - Before and after use: Dismantle the pump and wash all parts like silicone shield, extraction bottle, teat and pump parts that come in contact with the milk with warm water and Mee Mee Liquid Cleanser. Sterilise the parts with the help of Mee Mee Steam Steriliser.

• Store the freshly expressed milk in a clean bottle for up to 4 hours in a cool and dry place. Milk can be refrigerated up to 72 hours for a later feed*. Milk can be frozen for use up to 3 months*.

• Important to Remember - This product must be kept out of reach of children. This product is designed for single-person usage only. Please do not share so as to prevent the spread of any infection or disease. Please store the pump in a cool, dry place. Please consult your doctor if you are unable to pump milk even with engorgement of breast and experience continued pain and discomfort.

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