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Kids Sandals

Kids Sandals are the cutest looking protection for your baby’s feet. kids sandals protect every step of your baby and provide t

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Shop Best Kids Sandals Online in India at Totscart

Kids Sandals are great footwear to complete the look. When you are making your baby ready for a party, walk or any other occasion, these best baby girl and boy sandals can complete the look and turns everyone’s head.

We at Totscart work on our collection to provide you the best in the trending toddler kids sandals. Therefore, here we have commenced a range of baby sandals online which can bring comfort in every step.

Here you find the range of baby girl sandals and baby boy sandals online. We cater to both of them in the best quality. If you are looking forward to giving your kid comfort in every step, then we can fill your exploring journey with the best experience.

Explore the functionalities of baby sandals.

What are the Different Types of Baby Sandals Online Available at TotsCart?

The kids sandals are used everywhere, from parks to malls to schools across all over the world. At TotsCart, thousands of options are available, which are designed in funky colour and design options to give your child favorite footwear. With the looks, we never compromise on the quality as they are made from premium material. Whether you are looking for baby boy sandals or small girl sandals, here, below, we have penned down different types:-

Floral Kids Sandal Patterns: -

If you are searching for beautiful kids sandals, then you can consider floral patterns from our collection. These pieces feature appealing and various hues to proffer amazing vibes. You can take a look at one such best example, Duck Baby Sandals, for Infants – Pink for the age group of 9-12 months. At our baby products store, we have stocked a plethora of kids sandals to satiate your needs in an efficient way.

Cartoon Baby Sandal Designs: -

The cartoons are favorite and attract the little kids very much; therefore, adding such small elements keeps toddlers happy. You can do this work by buying baby sandals patterned in cartoon designs. Mee Mee First Walk kids Sandals with Chu Chu Sound and Mee Mee First Walk Baby Sandals with Chu Chu Sound (Anchor Print) are excellent choices for this category at TotsCart. These pairs produce the Chu Chu sound, which excites little babies very much.

Sober Baby Sandal Designs: -

The subtle and simple designs are always appreciated when you are looking for kids sandals. These pieces are made from the best quality material and available in distinct color options. At TotsCart, you will find everything for your all kinds of needs; check out some trendy options like Duck Baby Sandals for Infants – Blue, Mee Mee First Walk kids Sandals with Chu Chu Sound (Butterfly), etc.

Semi-Covered Style: -

The grip is a really important factor while buying baby barefoot sandals for your little ones. We proffer semi-covered styles of baby sandals to give unique looks and a comfortable walking experience. For example, you can take a glance at Mee Mee First Walk Baby Sandals with Chu Chu Sound (Stripes).

Baby Sandals Functionalities: Explore the Range at TotsCart

Available in Wide Color Range of baby boy and girl sandals We at Totscart give you a vast collection of kids sandals in various color options and styles. There are various varieties according to different occasions. Explore and choose to fit the baby’s dress and occasion.

Washable baby girl and boy Sandals: These kid's sandals can be washed easily. Washing won’t cause any harm to the quality of sandals.

Unmatchable Comfort: offering ultra comfort to the baby, these sandals can be easily removable and wearable.

Best Quality: Baby sandals available here from various brands are made of the finest quality. These sandals are durable and work fine for your baby.

Why Buy Kids Sandals Online in India from Totscart?

Totscart gives a range that can completely blow your mind by the styles and comfort offered. We work to collect products which can help you to give your baby the best childhood. Experience our premium quality products at a reasonable price.

Top Brand’s collection: Totscart has a collection from baby brands that provide the best quality and latest trends in baby boy and girl sandals. Like Mee Mee baby sandals give your baby the best comfort and safe walk.

Coupons and Codes: We try to make you happy with our on-going sale on our website. This will make your shopping for baby sandals budget-friendly. Simply apply coupons while you are buying the baby sandals to get these at a discounted price.

Quality services for a better experience: We offer you the return and refund services which will bring the best out of the shopping. You can easily place your order and we will give you the best shipping and delivery services on our baby products. Footwear complete the outfit, therefore with baby sandals, we also offer you baby sneaker in different colors and styles. Here at Totscart, we have bagged best products of baby clothes and accessories, baby travel and gear accessories, health and safety, nursing and feeding, bathing, furniture and décor products, etc.

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List of Best Selling Baby Sandal Price

Baby Sandal Offer Price
Duck Baby Sandals for Infants - Blue Rs. 144
Duck Baby Sandals for Infants - Pink Rs. 144
Mee Mee First Walk Baby Sandals with Chu Chu Sound (Butterfly) Rs. 404
Mee Mee First Walk Baby Sandals with Chu Chu Sound (Car Embroidery) Rs. 404
Mee Mee First Walk Baby Sandals with Chu Chu Sound Rs. 404
Happy Parents Says
Ronak Mehta, Indore

I must say totscart have a pretty cute range of kids sandals. I ordered sandal that is super comfortable in walking and running. I really like the material that prevents shoe bite. My baby really likes this. I would also like to appreciate the delivery time.

Avinash Ahuja, Bhopal

I ordered Mee Mee sandals for my son. It arrived before the estimated time. It looks good and the material is soft. I bought it with a discount on their sale. I would like to recommend it to everyone.

Ravina Soni, Jaipur

The soft sole and very comfortable. I purchased it for my 4 years old and it perfectly fits my kid. These seem durable too. I hope to use it for longer. Otherwise, the quality is good and I like the services provided by totscart.

Raj singh Udaipur

I love the design of the sandal that I ordered from totscart. Very soft and easy to wear for my kid. Great fit, stylish design and great discount. I love totscart for baby products. 

Deepika Sharma mumbai

Very light weight to wear. I ordered Mee Mee sandals from totscart these are true in size. My son wears them in the evening while playing. It is comfortable and fashionable. I love it too, and I wish, I had something like this too.