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Breast Pads & Nipple Shields

Happy Parents Says
Amardeep Singh, Mumbai

I bought the breast pads and these are easy to use and put. These are very useful for me. These also prevents leaking, this is great. It doesn’t pressurize the nipples, for me, it has a perfect fit. Thank you for totscart, I am happy with these breast pads.
Piyush Shrma, MadhyaPradesh

It is invisible under the cloth. So don’t worry. This is good while you travel. It doesn’t cause any milk smell. This price is justified with this material. I am using this and this is completely safe.
Shivam Sen

I am thankful. The breast pad is very light and I can’t even feel it. It is smooth and soothes my skin. I loved it. Its leak proof and give you breathable sense.