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Sippy Cup

Sippy Cup: When babies start holding the bottle or cup you need to train them drinking from bottles or cups but initially spilling of

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Sippy Cup: Buy Best Baby Sipper Online in India at Totscart

When your baby ages from infant to toddler then a major shift is done from breast milk to bottle milk. So to make this transition smooth baby sippy cup is useful. Whether it is milk or water; these can be contained in the baby sipper so that your baby gets complete nutrition.

We are here to make your and baby's living easy therefore to train your baby to shift from breast to bottle/cup we give you an exciting range of baby sippy cups.

These sippy cup are available in various shapes and sizes and provide baby a sense of autonomy.

Explore Varieties of Baby Sippy Cup Online for Mess-Free Drinking

Cant Miss Designs: We offer you attractive baby sippy cup designs from the top brands. These come in different colors to get your toddlers attention. There are various characters drawn to make it a little more attention gainer.

Safety We Offer: We offer the collection of the best baby sippy cup online which are made of premium material to make it safe for your baby. These baby milk sippers are completely toxic-free for your baby.

Light Weight and Easily Handled: These are very lightweight so that babies can easily handle them by themselves. These baby slippers are portable and very useful while you are traveling.

Functionalities for Better Use: This variety of baby sippy cups comes with a handle, solid base, and straw so that baby can easily drink.

Maintains the Hygiene: Sippy is built on anti-spill technology. These give mess-free drinking time to your baby. These baby milk sippers are designed in such a way that it would not allow water or milk to spill out of it.

You can explore each and every product of our collection here. Scroll to know more.

Why Choose Baby Milk Sipper Online from TotsCart?

Baby Products from Top Brands: We have covered cutely designed baby water sipper in our collection from top brands. We give you variety, comfort, and functionalities in our collection to satisfy every customer.

Coupons and Sales: Excited about the discount? You have got it here with a seasonal sale. Here at Totscart you can avail of coupon codes and apply to get sippy cup for water in your budget.

Shopping is Easy: We make your shopping easy with our easy return and refund services. We aim to provide you the best experience with our simple placing order process.

We at TotsCart give you complete freedom to provide a perfect product for your baby. You can explore bottles, breastfeeding accessories, dishes and utensils and highchairs, baby sipper, milk warmers, etc.

Our varieties and your budget go hand to hand. Therefore we offer you budget-friendly shopping for baby clothes, footwear, health & travel accessories, toys, furniture, and bedding, etc.

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Happy Parents Says
Mahipal Singh, Surat

The sipper is durable. I am using the cups for 6 months. I liked the shape and the material is also good. Happy with the quality under this price. Totscart is just amazing to give interesting designs.

Ronit Patel, Mumbai

I like the collection of sippers at totscart. Impressed with the customer services provided by them. I received the sipper on time. The packaging was cool and really neat.

Jitendra Singh, Pune

Leak proof and water/milk don’t leak. Totscart has some popping colors and I ordered the orange one to dumb the boring. It grabs my baby’s attention easily. I ordered this in the sale. Worth your penny.

Anop Prajapat, Lakhanau

Its weight is light. Easy for my baby to handle. Its design is actually easy to handle by a baby. My son loves to drink from this. It is best if your baby just shifted from breast feeding to a cup or bottle. One more reason to like this sipper is its price offered by totscart.

Manjit Kaur Chennai

Outstanding quality. It solves the purpose of serving a baby with a liquid diet. It is spill free. Cute design. Its size is just perfect to fit in the baby’s hands. It has a handle that gives a good grip to a baby. I will definitely buy more sippers in the future from here.

Manish Joshi Pune

I tried 3 spill proof sippers before this one, and I was always disappointed. But this sipper is really spill proof. It has been dropped several times on a floor and its working fine, so, yes it is the best according to me.