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Activity Books

Activity Books is one of the several ways by which you can help your kids’ brain development. Early childhood is the best time when yo

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Activity Books for kids are our favourite and top picks because they set children up for success while entertaining them with fancy stories, fun games, familiar and useful artwork and easy-to-comprehend text.

As wonderful as these activity books can be for simulating their imagination, kids need more than that. They are ideal for providing them with more than just the initial reading experience that is essential to their later academic strength.

Activity books for children encourage them to colours in pictures, spot any difference, identify the symbol, join the dots, make the basic cut-out models/crafting, strengthening many skills. Many activity books for 2 year olds help young preschoolers cultivating habits that are going to stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives.

Wide Range of Activity Books Online in India at TotsCart

Benefits of Activity books
Each Activity is an activity book for kids offers many benefits- Physical such as the motor-skill development and control of the pen that comes with colouring, drawing or dot-joining activities. Other benefits include Psychological or sentimental, like the accomplishment, victory, kids feel when they see origami flower they just folded.

Recognition of Colour, Shapes:
Activity Books for children are a fantastic way to reinforce shape, colours, number and letter recognition. They introduce word formation and basic calculation operations like subtraction and addition. Activity books for kids at Totscart help in becoming familiar with the colours, spectrum. 

Improves Concentration:
Activity Books for kids at Totscart contain tasks which are quite simple yet entertaining enough to keep children engaged for hours to help increase the period of which they can focus on one thing. 

Learning through Fun:
One of the most common gripes from kids that often faced is that their school is quite boring. With activity books for children, they can refine their skills without them feeling any pressure. 

Sense of own’s accomplishment: 

The sense of accomplishment and pride that the kids feel whey they finish an activity, like seeing the image that forms when they join the dots, it instils the sense of boost and confidence in them which will enable them to tackle many challenges of school, sport and many more in a positive way. Kids are likely to achieve success when they start believing they are capable.

Fine motor development:
Holding crayons, pencils, paper, scissors correctly come with practice. One of the most entertaining ways in which kids can gain that valuable practice before starting school, while in the early grades is by completing various activities in the books. Many such activity books for kids have been written to help them strengthen hand and finger muscles.

Activity Books at Totscart- Reinforce Your kid’s knowledge with concepts

After your little toddlers have taken their first steps into the world of learning books, give them that extra boost with the joy and wonderful activity books for 4 year olds of Totscart.

If you want a great activity book for children who are passionate young readers, why not start with the new addition to the Totscart Collection, that offers an amazing educational element to it too, as we understand just how crucial pen control is, fine motor development is and other important stages and phases.

We have books that have been created to support and expand upon a kid’s early education in a fun and engrossing way at best economical pricing valuing your money.

You can pay easily with choices like debit or credit card or net banking. To give your child the best engaging activity books, shop at Totscart right away. Indulge in a seamless online shopping experience and avail best deals and exciting discounts.